Making progress

Progress on Switch 2 is going quite well. I've made a number of improvements to the tile engine (it now runs alot faster) and I have started with the collision system.

That's right, now you won't just die when you hit a wall, you'll hit into it.

Well atleast if I can get it to work. You see, the collision detection works perfectly, but my engine just can't get it's head around the whole stopping-when-you-hit-into-something concept.

In the mean time I have added a slightly slow camera to help add a sense of speed. It's great fun messing around with the variables that control how fast and slow the camera is!

So overall progress on Switch 2 is going good. But I still need a good name for it.

Back on the straight and narrow

After becoming rather frustrated at the balancing of the levels in Neon Swords, I messed around a bit with the tile engine I created for Switch 2 and created a time travel mechanic. I was going to make a time travel game out of what I made, but I decided I should stop project hopping and finally get back to working on Switch 2.

Perhaps I will add a reverse time functionality to Switch 2? Only time will tell! Nonetheless, there is no doubt I will return to making that time travel game after I finish making Switch 2.