Making things look awesome

I've made some progress on the aesthetic of the game, and as a result everything's looking slightly less square. "The Flip" is looking particularly nice (especially compared to the previous screenshot I posted)

BSide Progress

Changelog of sorts:
  • Objects in previous levels now no longer magically show up in the next level
  • Backgrounds of levels no longer need to be black (although the level in the screenshot is black anyway)
  • The main character's hat now comes off when the player throws it.
  • Added more tiles including sand paths, walls, doors, and special surfaces with specific properties
  • Keys can be picked up to open doors

New Site and new Game

I've not had much time for game development lately (as I have not had a break from study for almost a year now) but I've done a bit here and there.

I just changed my site URL and moniker to Diacritic Games. I've checked this time, and no one has the name already!

I'm currently working on a new game that I drew the main character for a while back.

Figure 1. BSide in it's current state

It's called BSide, and it's a sort of top down platformer/RPG. Now when I say RPG, I don't mean those games that you spend hours on to make a number go up, I mean a game where you get to play in the role of a character. I'm really excited about making this game, hopefully I can get it done before 'the slump' where you lose all inspiration. If not hopefully I can stay motivated during the 'slump'.

I gave up on Brim because I couldn't get tile-based platformer collisions to behave correctly. I know it sounds like something that someone who has been making flash games for as long as I have shouldn't get stuck on, but I've tried everything. I think I will keep the basic concept and story for Brim until I think of a better way to implement it.

As for Birdy, I've all but gave up trying to find a sponsor...

Game Art

I don't tend to post much about the art side of game making, probably because I don't consider myself very good at it. Nevertheless it's an important part of making games so I thought I'd make a post about it.

My favourite method of creating art at the moment is "pixel art". It's so named because it features no anti-aliasing (basically a fancy word for smoothing), and is often drawn one pixel at a time.

"Pixel art" images tend to look a lot like art from old computer games. In the past computers and game consoles had such small memory and processing power that only small pictures of game elements and characters could be stored and displayed.

Making games today we have enough memory to store huge images that are extremely detailed (comparatively at least), but because of the "retro" look of pixel art, you will see a lot of games using it.

Speaking of pixel art, here is a screenshot from my latest game, tentatively titled "Brim".

Unfortunately my blog and website need a new name, because another website has the name Ork Games.
Note to self: Always do a Google search before you name your website.