What now?

Soon as how I'm no longer making my mystery game, I guess the question is: what am I going to do now? The next game I'll make will probably be Switch's sequel game, but I haven't started work on that yet.

Instead I've decided to experiment with 3D. I've already got some xml model importing (using my own proprietary xml model file format) and the 3D positioning is brilliant. Still no rotation yet, but rome wasn't built in one day, you know.

My mysterious game

I have decided to stop making Confused, the game which I have been so aloof about. Unfortunately it was no fun at all. I guess that's the bad thing about making puzzle games, I don't find them as fun myself, so how can I expect to make one that's fun?

That said, perhaps if someone who loves block puzzle games plays it, they might find it heaps of fun! So I'm not gonna delete it, just leave it how it is, and perhaps one day complete it.

For anyone curious, the game basically consisted of finding a certain combination of four blocks, then clicking on them, making them disappear.

For instance, imagine this is your playing area:


And you are given these blocks to find:


I think it's boring-ity speaks for itself, now.

Switch's Sequel

When I uploaded Switch to Kongregate I told myself that if it got a rating of higher than 2.0 I'd make a revamped version. Well it amazingly enough got a rating 2.43/5, and was played 456 times.

Considering the fact that I doubt half of the players even looked at the description to see that the game was made in 4kb, I think that was a pretty good success. So it looks like I'll be making a sequel to Switch as soon as I've finished my mystery game.


I have just uploaded Switch, the game I made for the Game Poetry 4k Game Competition, to Kongregate. As you can see it's not very complicated, due to the size limit. Regardless it should be alot of fun! ( I hope! )

So why no play it and rate it? As I said on the game description, if it gets a good enough rating, I'll make a new, better version.

PS: Playing Switch may give you some kind of an idea of what my new game might be like.


I have just recently begun work on a fun little flash game that hopefully won't take me too long to program. The only clue I am giving about it is the little teaser image that you can see above.

Idea: Epic Proportions

Unfortunately, I currently have "programmer's block". I can't program the game I'm currently making for Dream Build Play, dispite the fact they offer the equivelent of $54,000 AUD as the grand prize! And to think I need more motivation than that!

Because I'm not programming anything, I came up with an idea for a possible flash game. My good friend no-eyed pete will explain below:
The idea is basically an ordinary 2D platformer game. In it you can jump around, collect gems, keys and whatever else. The idea, of course, is to get to the exit of each level. The twist in this game would be that you can change the size of your character, either by collecting a power-up, or perhaps just by pressing a certain key. When you are bigger you can jump higher, and when you are small you can get through tiny doorways.

The game would heavily rely on good level design to make it fun, which is not my strongest skill in game development, so I may never make this game.