Idea: Epic Proportions

Unfortunately, I currently have "programmer's block". I can't program the game I'm currently making for Dream Build Play, dispite the fact they offer the equivelent of $54,000 AUD as the grand prize! And to think I need more motivation than that!

Because I'm not programming anything, I came up with an idea for a possible flash game. My good friend no-eyed pete will explain below:
The idea is basically an ordinary 2D platformer game. In it you can jump around, collect gems, keys and whatever else. The idea, of course, is to get to the exit of each level. The twist in this game would be that you can change the size of your character, either by collecting a power-up, or perhaps just by pressing a certain key. When you are bigger you can jump higher, and when you are small you can get through tiny doorways.

The game would heavily rely on good level design to make it fun, which is not my strongest skill in game development, so I may never make this game.

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