Today's game idea is a Massively Multiplayer Online Collectible Card Game. So basically it's a combination between an online multiplayer game and a collectible card game.

Players collect cards like any other card game, such as trading them with friends, buying them, getting them from cereal boxes etc. But the game is played by logging into a website. You scan in the cards using your webcam, or by writing a code down from the card.

The cards code would be checked on the game's database when entered. If you trade with another player in real life and scan the card into your account, the person you traded with would lose their ownership of that card on the website.

Games could be initiated on the website, and there could be animations of your cards fighting or being used. The game could even be played in real-time rather than turn-based. Cards could be leveled up from fighting a lot, making them more powerful and gain more abilities.

There could be alternate rules for the game that would allow you to play games offline with your friends and therefore gain their cards. Any abilities gained from the online xp system would have to be negated, as there would not be a practical way to verify this. For this reason it would not be a good idea to play with a highly leveled up card offline, as it would be easier for it to be defeated online

Cards could be bought online and printed out if you didn't want to wait for shipping. There could be less powerful free cards that you can download and printout from the website, so you can start playing either offline or online for free.

I have not played collectible card games much at all so I may assess the actual game play another day. But the online version of the game would probably work more like a Real-Time Strategy game (RTS) than a traditional card game.

What do you think of this game idea? Would you play it? Be sure to comment on or rate this idea using the buttons below.

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