Puzzle Platformer

This next idea is a puzzle platformer. Or to be more precise, it’s a puzzle crossed with a platformer. A lot of puzzle games revolve around making combinations of coloured blocks or shapes and destroying them.

So imagine if certain blocks had elements from a platformer game, such as keys, doors and levers inside of them. So instead of trying to destroy coloured blocks to get points, you would be destroying blocks so that you could get a key or a door to fall down so you could complete the level.

It could even get more complex so that you have to create an entire section of the level on your own. Some pieces would have to be locked down so they cannot be move/destroyed so that you couldn’t inadvertently make the level impossible (for instance the piece with your character on, or the end piece)

Note: I posted this idea yesterday but it mysteriously disappeared after I made a small edit to it. I had to rewrite it and re-post it today. Not sure if the culprit was blogger, my browser or me but my guess it was the combination of all three. It was much longer before, but I think this new version is better written, so I suppose it’s a win!

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