Refuge in the Skies

After the success of the first nuclear weapons in the late 40s certain parties began extensive work in researching nuclear weapons technology. While trying to develop a fission bomb they accidentally discovered the secret to cold fusion, igniting all the ‘dormant’ nuclear material in the area. This caused such a catastrophic explosion that it flattened half a continent, taking the secret of cold fusion with it.

To make things worse, the explosion triggered a series of devastating earthquakes that opened up vast submarine oil deposits, dumping tonnes of oil into the ocean. In addition to this, vast amounts of radioactive debris from the initial explosion filled the sky. Pockets of helium escape from the ground and form bubbles in the thick oil. People hurriedly fled to the skies to escape the ensuing destruction.

Years later, large blimps fill the sky, adorned with multiple balloons hoist lightweight structures fit for living in and working at. Aerial service stations insure that no aircraft falls into disrepair. Greenhouses filled with flora ensure that children grow up without the dangers of oxygen deprivation from the thin air at high altitudes.

You are, like approximately half the population of earth, a pilot. Your mission is to collect oil for refining into fuel, helium for filling blimps, scrap metal for making planes and, if you are very lucky, seeds for growing plants.It is also your duty to protect your colony from the threat of rouge planes and the air force of rival colonies.

Planes cannot simply fly down to collect materials from earth’s surface. Because of the fumes from the oil, planes have a danger of causing an explosion if their engines are heated up and moving. Planes need to cold start at a dock high in the sky and simply glide down to earth with the engine off. Then they need to glide back up as high as possible before even using the engine.

As you progress through the game you can upgrade your fuel tank, cargo hold, resource collector scoop, engine and purchase a better model plane.

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