New Site and new Game

I've not had much time for game development lately (as I have not had a break from study for almost a year now) but I've done a bit here and there.

I just changed my site URL and moniker to Diacritic Games. I've checked this time, and no one has the name already!

I'm currently working on a new game that I drew the main character for a while back.

Figure 1. BSide in it's current state

It's called BSide, and it's a sort of top down platformer/RPG. Now when I say RPG, I don't mean those games that you spend hours on to make a number go up, I mean a game where you get to play in the role of a character. I'm really excited about making this game, hopefully I can get it done before 'the slump' where you lose all inspiration. If not hopefully I can stay motivated during the 'slump'.

I gave up on Brim because I couldn't get tile-based platformer collisions to behave correctly. I know it sounds like something that someone who has been making flash games for as long as I have shouldn't get stuck on, but I've tried everything. I think I will keep the basic concept and story for Brim until I think of a better way to implement it.

As for Birdy, I've all but gave up trying to find a sponsor...

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