New Site Design and Imported Gamerator Posts

I imported all the old posts from the Gamerator blog I ran last year. Now my game development related posts are all in the one place. Sorry if you were subscribed to the RSS and got 10 new items at once!

On a related note I'm thinking of bringing a similar thing back where I regularly post game ideas on this blog, so stay tuned for that.

I've also updated this blog's design to use Blogger's new themes and, even though I do say so myself, it's looking much cooler now.

In other news, my study has gotten more time consuming of late as I was accepted into a course to do a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration during my under graduate studies. Long story short, I now have to study when I would usually have holidays.

This means I'll have even less spare time, but I'm going to try to make time for making games and posting about them.

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